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Wedding in Malta : EP 1 – Air Force Wedding – Plane Party

Wedding in Malta : EP 1 – Air Force Wedding – Plane Party




October 8th 2021




Plane party


Kimiya and Foulques

On the occasion of a wedding in Malta, the WATO agency has chartered a full plane for the transfer of the guests to the Maltese islands.

On the way to Malta, the Airbus A320 code name “Air Force Wedding” was transformed into a flying dance floor.

On the program:

  • Chartering of a plane especially for the occasion with customization of the headrests
  • Dresscode: sailor suit
  • Parody of the safety instructions by a costumed actor
  • Installation of a sound system adapted to the constraints of a plane in flight
  • 2 hours DJ Set by DJ Charles B & Enguerran DLC!
  • Installation of festive lights in the entire cabin
  • Parody of the video clip Toxic by Sylvano Jo, a transformist artist dressed up as Britney Spears
  • Champagne at will

Then, suddenly at the request of the captain, the windows are closed, the music starts in the plane for he greatest happiness of all. 2 hours of plane party, sharing and laughter!

Upon landing, the guests couldn’t believe this first experience in the sky, which set the tone for this extraordinary wedding.

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