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An immersive trip for Benefit Cosmetics influencers

To launch one of its products (Brow Contour Pro), US company Benefit Cosmetics (LVMH Group) asked WATO to organize an immersive seminar in both Paris and Lyon for 50 top influencers.

The events included:

  • A mystical evening in an old shed in Paris
  • A sexy Marie-Antoinette-themed dinner party in an abandoned hôtel particulier in Paris
  • Brunch in a high-profile venue in Paris
  • A street-art session in a former school in Lyon
  • A royal stay in an old castle in Lyon
  • A dance party in the castle moat

Key infomations

Location : Paris & Lyon

Date : From August 4th to August 8th 2018

Guests : 50

Theme : Sexy Marie-Antoinette

Client : Benefit Cosmetics - LVMH Group

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