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Canal +: Immersive Premiere Terminal series

Exceptional Conference and Party in a Marseille Military Fort

Voyage Prive: Vintage Pool Party in Berlin

Seminar in the French Alps


Transformation of IMA Paris into a spectacular club of the 90’s

Western: Immersive seminar in a Spanish desert


Canal +: Exclusive preview of Pamela Rose the series

Operation Red Volcano : Immersive seminar in Lanzarote

Operation Jamanta: immersive seminar in Portugal

VP Fight Club: Clandestine Boxing Themed Party

Masquerade ball and sumptuous dinner at the Petit Palais


Operation Jamanta teaser on a sailboat off the coast of the Algarve


Christmas Party : Nutcracker Theme

Spirit : Spectacular ball at the Opera Garnier


Wedding in Malta : EP 1 – Air Force Wedding – Plane Party

Teaser Operation Red Volcano : a submarine off Lanzarote’s coasts

Spectacular Anniversary at Maxim’s

Sony Music : Conference and Incredible Party in the Monnaie de Paris

OpenClassrooms Summer Party : The Green Class

Summer Party : The Mano Games

Spirit : Shooting of a mysterious trailer 19th century theme

The Rise of the Tribe : Dream wedding in Malta

Seminar in Croatia with a James Bond theme.

Medieval wedding in the castle of Chavroches

Mount Vernon: a history seminar in Paris for a US foundation

Voyage Privé: Vintage Movie Party in Madrid

Dr. Iris de Rode’s PhD Party au Travellers club

Ecozone Habitat : The Boiler House Gang in Lille

Voyage Privé: VP Members’ Club party in London

Night at the Museum: The Lost Temple

Taléo Consulting: an immersive seminar in Marrakesh

Kymono Airlines : Vintage airport-themed party

Tao Prestige: an exceptional garden party in a secret garden

Scaleway : an immersive space-themed IT trade show

A spectacular Blue Lotus theme dinner in a pagoda

Kymono Airlines: Teasing in a vintage airport

Voyage Privé : The Electric Party in Berlin

Private Party : The Amazing Cabaret of Dr. Zidler

Leboncoin: Immersive dinner tour in 8 French cities

An immersive trip for Benefit Cosmetics influencers

An unforgettable event in Paris : The Phoenix Temple

Leboncoin: exceptional dinner on a circus track

Amazon Thank You Party : Old School Party

An impressive circus event : The Amazing BVA Circus

A greeting party : A Night in Venice

Private Event : The Light Ball

BVA : The Amazing Circus Teaser

Raymond James : Wall Street Party in Paris

Private Dinner : The Wild Ball

FOX Play launch : Let’s Fox Play

leboncoin : Dinner on Ice

Voyage Privé : Gangster Party

Amazonland: A summer festival in a ghost seaside resort

Messy Nessy Chic : picnic in a German bunker

Private Seminar : Mission Marrakesh

WATO x Joachim Garraud: a retro-futurist party for space invaders – Zemixx600 party

WATO x Joachim Garraud: A retro-futuristic trailer for Zemixx600 party

Amazon : Paranormal party in an ancient convent of Paris

ICDC : Immersive party star wars theme

WATO Church party in Paris : The Last Monastery

WATO : An impressive teaser in an abbey – The Last Monastery

Campari : Campari Secret Factory

Private dinner : The Mad Birthday

Campari : Campari Secret Factory Teaser

An outstanding press event: Chaumet’s Nature

A spectacular summer dinner for LUI magazine

An impressive party : The Underwater Party III

The Canopy Castel: An exceptional dinner in a Castle in Bordeaux

WATO : Shooting a Venetian Ball trailer in an underground canal of Paris

Bose : Product launch party in an underground venue in Paris

Bose : Brand content on a Urban Exploration theme in Paris

An impressive public party: The Underwater Party II

Public event : The Oath of Alcazar

WATO: A video trailer on the theme Lawrence of Arabia

Patrick Wajsman Literary award Ceremony at Hotel Salomon de Rothschild Paris

An immersive trailer: The Victorious Shelter

An impressive public party: The Underwater Party

A spectacular dinner in a Parisian museum: ‘Les diners Volants’

A spectacular dinner in a Parisian palace: ‘Les diners Volants’

A spectacular dinner in a Parisian pool: ‘Les diners Volants’

An impressive video teaser: Underwater Party event

WATO : A Bastille day party on a forbidden rooftop of Paris

WATO : A secret party in an abandoned castle of Paris : The Ghost Society

WATO : A mystical dinner in a spectacular chalk mine : The Hidden Temple

A clandestine dinner in an abandoned train station of Paris

An immersive video trailer: The Cosa Nostra Dinner

WATO : A fancy dinner in an abandoned school of Paris

A fancy dinner in the forbidden Catacombs of Paris

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