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Campari : Campari Secret Factory

Campari : Campari Secret Factory


Baroque surprise


November 24th 2016




Industrial factory



To introduce their products to a younger audience, the Italian amaro brand Campari asked WATO to create the best temporary party speakeasy in all of Paris.

The event featured :

  • A ‘Mission Infiltration’ based on the brand : visuals, teaser trailer, communication tools
  • Red Campari-branded factory overalls handed out to all guests
  • An immersive theatrical path : meeting two shopkeepers, transporting the products needed to make Campari, punching in at the time clock, rushing to get to the factory in time, walking along the Campari Tonic assembly line, and meeting the factory manager
  • A photobooth & a photo backdrop
  • 2 bars with mixologists : a Campari Negroni bar & a Campari Tonic bar
  • Light scenography highlighting Campari products
  • A happening by an opera singer
  • A DJ set by Bart & Barker

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