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Domofinance Challenge: a seminar in Marrakesh

For its 15th anniversary, Domofinance (BNP Paribas group) asked WATO to host a three-day adventure in Marrakesh in May 2019.

The trip included:

  • 2 trailers beforehand to tease the trip
  • A welcome reception at the hotel with traditional musicians
  • A pretend keynote address and a computer virus to kick off the adventure
  • A treasure hunt around the Medina
  • A cocktail party on one of Marrakesh’s most beautiful rooftops
  • A pool party at the hotel
  • A quad adventure in the desert
  • Lunch by a lake
  • Dinner in a beautiful Moroccan palace

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Key infomations

Location : Marrakesh

Date : May 24th-26th 2019

Guests : 80

Theme : OSS 117 (FrenchJames Bond)

Client : Domofinance (BNP Paribas group)

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