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Taléo Consulting: an immersive seminar in Marrakesh

Taléo Consulting: an immersive seminar in Marrakesh




September 27th-29th 2019




OSS 117 (French James Bond)



To celebrate their 5-year anniversary in a spectacular way, the company Taleo Consulting asked WATO to plan a 3-day one-of-a-kind adventure in Marrakesh, around the immersive themes of OSS 117 (French James Bond) and Lawrence of Arabia.

The trip included:

  • An immersive spy-themed teaser trailer ahead of the trip
  • A welcome reception at the hotel with traditional musicians
  • A treasure hunt around the medina
  • An epic ride through the city on rickshaws
  • A party parade with 5 trucks carrying sound systems
  • A pool party with a DJ, snake charmers and fire breathers
  • The company’s name spelled out in fire letters
  • Lunch in a proper oasis in the middle of the Moroccan desert
  • A journey through the desert on 100 quads dressed as explorers
  • Creating a customized luxury camp with a bar, a dancefloor, a bathroom, and lots of candles among sand dunes
  • An exceptional seated dinner for 100 guests in the desert
  • Partners dressed as Lawrence of Arabia desert princes showing up to Maurice Jarre’s soundrack
  • Sudden and spectacular Fantasia with 5 traditional horse riders to the sound of live traditional music

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