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Ecozone Habitat : The Boiler House Gang in Lille

Ecozone Habitat : The Boiler House Gang in Lille


Old Factory


November 8th 2019




Peaky Blinders


Ecozone Habitat

To celebrate its 10-year anniversary, French company Ecozone Habitat asked WATO to plan a spectacular Peaker Blinder themed event.

The event included:

  • Transferring guests from their offices to the venue on 2 vintage British double deckers with music and champagne
  • Greeting by smoke bombs and fire breathers
  • An immersive promenade performance
  • A brothel décor with an actress dressed as a fille de joie
  • A police station décor with a police investigation including pictures from the company, led by an actor dressed as a British cop
  • A casino game with a roulette, fake dollar bills and prizes to win
  • A snake charmer
  • An immersive gangster photocall with a 1930s motorcycle with a sidecar, sunglasses, and Tommy guns
  • Speeches by the heads of Ecozone Habitat in front of 150 guests
  • A hip hop show by dancers in 1930s gear
  • A hot dancefloor with a light show and smoke, fire and CO2 special effects

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