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FOX Play launch : Let’s Fox Play

FOX Play launch : Let’s Fox Play


Underground venue


November 7th 2017






Fox Networks Group

To celebrate the launch of its new Fox Play VOD platform, the Fox Networks Group asked WATO to organize a spectacular and immersive launch event. The idea was to immerse guests in the legendary world of Fox series (Salem, The X-Files, Glee, 24, How I Met Your Mother…).

The event featured:

  • A cinema-themed video trailer invitation
  • An extraordinary venue in the heart of Paris, in a secret location that was unveiled at the last minute
  • A walk through a mysterious garden with sound designs
  • An encounter with a frantic filmmaker doing his best to put a smile on guests’ faces
  • An impressive witch trial along the theme of the Salem series
  • A close encounter of the third kind involving two police inspectors and a stunning vintage American police car along the theme of the X-Files
  • A huge Fox Play logo
  • A private concert with 2 singers & 5 hip-hop dancers along the theme of Glee
  • A 24-themed interrogation with an authentic lie detector test to try and find Jack Bauer
  • A love scene near an extraordinary locomotive just like in How I Met Your Mother
  • A wander around an amazing building, led by fun bellboys
  • The exploration of a unique Fellini-themed baroque loft
  • A presentation of the Fox Play Platform by Olivier Bramly, CEO of Fox Networks Group France and an exclusive broadcast of a video
  • A hot dancefloor until 2am
  • 300 guests, including around 100 journalists and influencers
  • #LetsFoxPlay as a national trending hashtag on Twitter the night of the event

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