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Private dinner : The Mad Birthday

Upon request of American Express Mumbai, WATO organized an extraordinary birthday party for an Indian billionaire staying in Paris.

The event featured:

  • Makeup and custom headdresses for all guests
  • A venue kept secret until the last moment
  • An immersive path passing fire breathers dressed as hobos, a slutty usherette, mean-looking thugs and a scary bondage master
  • A seated dinner in an outstanding spot, midway between Venice and Las Vegas
  • An artistic performance with each dish: opera singers, burlesque dancer, cross-dresser, and a Brazilian batucada for the centerpiece cake
  • Finally, a dancefloor with a DJ, a flair bartender and sophisticated cocktails
  • A unique experience designed with the client, much to his guests’ surprise and delight

Key infomations

Location : Baroque surprise

Date : November 12th 2016

Guests : 40

Theme : Baroque

Client : Confidential

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