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Private Seminar : Mission Marrakesh

For its annual seminar, an insurance company asked WATO to set up animations for three days along the theme of OSS 177, the French James Bond, in Marrakesh.

The seminar included:

  • 2 teaser trailers created ahead of the seminar
  • An OSS 117-themed plot and common thread
  • A three-day stay in an outstanding Marrakech hotel
  • A musical welcome with a concert by a traditional band
  • A legendary treasure hunt in the medina
  • A dinner party on a renowned rooftop in the heart of the city
  • 2 pool parties
  • Working and brainstorming sessions
  • A quad ride through the desert followed by drinks in Bedouin tents
  • A sumptuous meal in an Arabian Nights Palace, with traditional musicians and belly dancers

Key infomations

Location : Marrakesh

Date : May 15th-17th 2017

Guests : 60

Theme : OSS 117 (French James Bond)

Client : Confidential

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