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SFR : “Warrior Days” creation of brand content on a Viking theme

For an advert campaign called the “Warrior Days”, the brand Red from SFR asked WATO to create some immersive brand content on a Vikings theme.

In total 22 shorts videos were produced in one day in order to broadcast on SFR’s social networks.

Which implied :

  • Writing a fun scenario on a Vikings theme in which 6 warriors would come to crash the prices of the phone packages.
  • 1 entire day of shooting pictures and videos.
  • 15 days of promotion on SFR social network.
  • Recruitment and management of the comedians.
  • Stylism, costumes and make up to transform the comedians into impressive Vikings !

The sales of the operation were good enough to renew “the Warriors Days” several times since then.

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Key infomations

Location : SFR Headquarter

Date : May 12th 2014

Guests : 5

Theme : Vikings

Client : SFR

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