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A bunker party: The Victorious Shelter event

A bunker party: The Victorious Shelter event


Anti-atomic bunker


November 15th 2013




World War II


General public

Before the place became French company Online’s new data center, WATO managed to organize an outstanding event in a famous bunker in Paris: Abri Lefebvre.

The event featured:

  • An epic teaser inviting Parisians to join WATO on this incredible adventure
  • A ride on actual WWII tanks
  • Outraged guests, dressed up and ready for the Liberation
  • Surreal military decors
  • A theatrical trail with energetic actors in costume
  • Larger-than-life soundscapes
  • An authentic French village reconstructed 100 feet underground: an Expiatory Chapel, and old café terrace, a wine cellar just like the one in French movie Don’t Look Now… We’re Being Shot At!, a brothel, etc.
  • A swing concert by a French-American band
  • A Silent Disco by Silent Arena
  • A ‘Resistance’ photo backdrop with props
  • An electro dancefloor in the shelter’s main vault
  • A Piper-Heidsieck champagne bar in a cask and wine cellar setting

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