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Venue scouting in El Jadida, Morocco

In the context of a team seminar project, French company Sopra asked WATO to go location scouting in the city of El Jadida, Morocco.
One hour-drive away from Casablanca, this gem of the Moroccan coast is full of architectural treasures, which WATO was able to explore.

This location scouting included:

  • Exploring the truly enormous Mazagan Beach Resort – nearly 504 hectares and as many reasons to wander around it
  • The spectacular Kasbah Boulaouane, an 18th-century abandoned fortress beautifully overlooking the surrounding area
  • The marvellous Portuguese cistern, half-covered in water, which looks like a Harry Potter setting
  • The city walls and cannons facing out to sea
  • The former sultan’s palace with its open-air courtyard: the El Andalous Palace
  • Last but not least, some sort of secret palace in El Jadida’s medina: Riad Dar El Malaika.

Following budget cuts, Sopra decided to cancel their seminar that year… But we really hope to set out again for beautiful El Jadida one day.

Key infomations

Location : El Jadida

Date : November 7th 2018

Guests : 5

Theme : Moroccan getaway

Client : Sopra Software Banking

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