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WATO : A mystical dinner in a spectacular chalk mine : The Hidden Temple

During its first years of existence, WATO organized a few clandestine experiences, one of them was a mystical dinner in a spectacular chalk mine in Paris.

You might have heard of the famous Parisian Catacombs, but the ancient quarries of Meudon are even more impressive by their height !

During one urbex session, WATO discovered the amazing chalk quarry of Brimborion, abandoned for decades and decided to throw a dinner there for its growing community.

The event featured:

  • An entire weekend of setting up to enlarge some tunnels transport 5 tons of equipment in the quarry by foot.
  • One mystical photoshoot with caped actors in an epic gallery to tease the guests in advance.
  • A dazzling urban exploration of the chalk maze only with fire torches.
  • Before joining the main room, an immersive theatrical path along the chalk tunnels with actors.
  • A mystical seated dinner with 200 fancy guests surrounded by thousands of candles.
  • Happenings all along the dinner to keep everyone excited for the party.
  • Even before dessert was served, all the guests joined the dancefloor loosing themself in music and joy.

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Key infomations

Location : The ancient chalk mine of Brimborion Meudon

Date : June 23rd 2012

Guests : 200

Theme : The hidden temple

Client : A selection of guests of the Oracle

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