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A fancy dinner in the forbidden Catacombs of Paris

A fancy dinner in the forbidden Catacombs of Paris


The forbidden Catacombs of Paris


January 28th 2012




A fancy and mystical dinner


A selection of guests of the Oracle

After discovering the impressive maze of the Paris forbidden Catacombs, WATO decided to produce a fancy dinner there for a few selected guests.

Finding the perfect dinner spot, understanding how to get the equipment and the guests there safely, avoiding an arrest from the police or an attack from the “cataphiles”, the whole project was such an intense challenge for our crew.

The event featured:

  • 40 masked and elegantly dressed guests
  • An unforgettable exploration 100 feet underground
  • 1 fine from the french police
  • The discovery of one of the most secret bunkers in Paris
  • Extreme logistics of setting up and dismantling to transform an underground gallery into a fancy banquet venue
  • An elegant candlelit dinner made by chef Matthieu Housse

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