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Transformation of IMA Paris into a spectacular club of the 90’s


Institut du Monde Arabe


19 may 2023




Clubbing 90's



On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, a mysterious client entrusted WATO Agency with organizing a sumptuous evening in Paris.

His desire? Recreate the emotion of a stereotypical VIP party from the 90s for his 250 guests!

“If you were invited to the most legendary night club, what would you wear, who would you be ?”

On the agenda:

  • Privatization and transformation of the Institut du Monde Arabe
  • Transportation from their hotel with more than 15 limousines: champagne and a compilation of 90s music on board
  • Meeting with a fake dealer on the esplanade indicating the secret entrance to the party “Looking for diamonds?”
  • Password to be uttered in front of the immense bouncer
  • Encounter with a corrupt cop leaning against the legendary Starsky and Hutch car, “I told you not to come back in my sector”
  • Vision of the stereotypical entrance of an imaginary 90s club with a line of 30 comedians and a Drag Queen bouncer
  • Hypostyle Hall transformed into a rave with 4 roller girls skating to the sound of the Chemical Brothers in a rain of lights
  • Elevator transformed into a mini-club on the way to the 9th heaven
  • Warm welcome by 2 performers wearing disco ball masks
  • Aperitif on the sublime terrace of the Institut du Monde Arabe with a breathtaking view of Paris and the setting sun: Champagne!
  • Choreography of 6 glamorous dancers
  • Total transformation of the High Council room into an incredible 90s club with 50 connected light cubes
  • Performance by a glamorous nymph in the middle of a massive ball pit
  • Photocall area with a bathtub filled with confetti animated by a Drag Queen
  • Secret room blending mirrors and neon lights perfect for some revelry
  • Energetic DJ set with 90s vibes

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