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WATO : A glamorous dinner in a clandestine art gallery of Paris

In February 2012, WATO organized a glamorous dinner in a clandestine art gallery of Paris.

Indeed, before it became the Faust in 2014, there used to be a very mysterious place under the Alexander III bridge.

Behind its majestic door, the artist crew ‘The Alexander III bridge keepers’, had taken over the building to create art, performances and parties.

Just before the squat was permanently closed, WATO succeeded to organize : “The very last supper of the bridge keepers”.

The event featured:

  • One mystical parade on the Alexandre III bridge.
  • An immersive path through the exhibition.
  • The goodbye speech by the leader of the “Bridge Keepers” : Patrick Brunie.
  • A seated dinner party for 200 guests, surrounded by surrealist sculptures.
  • DJ set with Matthis Meyer that quickly turned the dinner into a dancefloor.
  • Meet and greet session with the artists.

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Key infomations

Location : Under the Alexander III bridge in Paris

Date : February 17th 2012

Guests : 200

Theme : Secret art

Client : A selection of guests of the Oracle

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