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Kymono Airlines : Vintage airport-themed party

Kymono Airlines : Vintage airport-themed party


Futuristic ice rink


June 28th 2019




Vintage airport



French company Kymono asked WATO to organize a spectacular vintage airport-themed party, a fun tribute to Catch Me If You Can.

The event included:

  • Shooting a series of teasing content in a proper airplane – see teasing
  • Turning a huge ice-skating rink into a vintage airport
  • A legendary New York checker cab to welcome our guests outside
  • Printed customized boarding passes and dollars
  • Boarding check by our charming flight attendants in vintage outfits
  • ‘ID’ check by overexcited customs officers
  • A duty-free shop décor with a coconut shy
  • A custom-made Douglas DC-3 décor by an artist
  • A happening with security instructions by 5 hip hop dancers in flight attendant costumes
  • A hot dancefloor with several DJs, a light show and VJing

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