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Mount Vernon: Conference lunch in Burgundy

To celebrate their recent acquisition of François-Jean de Chastellux’s historical records, George Washington’s Mount Vernon wanted to ask a conference in France with three days in Paris and one day in Burgundy, in the region of the Chastellux estate.

The trip to Burgundy included:

  • Luxury couch travel
  • A guided exhibition of François-Jean de Chastellux’s archives by Hugues de Chastellux and Iris de Rode
  • Regional cheese and wine tasting
  • Discovering Château de Chastellux in Chastellux-sur-Cure
  • Apéritif on the castle’s terrace looking onto the valley
  • A conference lunch with speakers Philippe de Chastellux and Iris de Rode on the history of the Chastellux family
  • A guided tour of the castle

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Key infomations

Location : Castel in Burgundy

Date : September 22nd 2019

Guests : 50

Theme : History

Client : Mount Vernon

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