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Mount Vernon: a history seminar in Paris for a US foundation

To celebrate the finding of new historical records on the Independence War by Iris de Rode, George Washington’s Mount Vernon asked WATO to bring together their biggest donors for a history seminar in Paris in September 2019.

The seminar included:

  • Discovering new historical records on France-US relations during the US Independence War in a Parisian museum
  • A candlelit dinner in the Cour d’honneur of this museum, with a performance by the Garde Républicaine’s drums and brasses
  • A day-conference at a private Gentlemen’s Club
  • A party at the US Ambassador to France’s residence, with a concert by pianist Mattias Mimoun
  • A day-conference at another private Gentlemen’s Club
  • A gala dinner at a luxurious parisien factory with an opera performance
  • Discovering unique records at Château de Chastellux, with a descendant of François-Jean de Chastellux’s, one of George Washington’s close counsellors
  • A tour of the Moët & Chandon champagne cellars with a private tasting

Discover more about the project: the Parisian Palace, the Gentlemen’s Club day 1, the Ambassador’s residence, the Gentlemen’s Club day 2, the luxurious factory, the Château de Chastellux, Moët & Chandon.

Key infomations

Location : Paris

Date : September 19th-22nd 2019

Guests : 100

Theme : History

Client : George Washington's Mount Vernon

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