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An impressive public party: The Underwater Party II

An impressive public party: The Underwater Party II


Art Deco pool


August 29th 2014






Public event

After a very successful first Underwater Party, WATO, with the support of UCPA and the Mairie of the 19th arrondissement, decided to give it another try as an Art Deco swimming pool was drained.

The event featured:

  • An underwater trailer showing a commando diving unit thanks to Splash Prod
  • An ocean-themed theater trail with a zodiac, Titanic’s Rose Dawson, a mermaid, etc.
  • Air scenography with giant floating octopuses connected through DMX, created by Swiss artist Nils Art Event
  • A DJ booth turned into a submarine by French artist Sébastien Salamand aka Le Turk and architect Anne Charrin

All in all, around 2,500 Parisians took part in the colorful second version of this event.

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