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WATO x Joachim Garraud: a retro-futurist party for space invaders – Zemixx600 party

To celebrate the broadcast of his new Zemixx600 podcast, Joachim Garraud asked WATO to organize an immersive retrofuturistic event.

The event featured :

  • A venue turned into a proper spaceship
  • An immersive theatrical path in 7 acts
  • A physical ability test to enter Zone 51
  • Entering the ship through a cloud of CO2
  • A medical check-up and decontamination of passengers
  • A lesson with Professor Chang to learn the legendary melody from Close Encounters of the Third Kind
  • A cosmic ‘name that tune’ test
  • Boarding the spaceship
  • Takeoff with a DJ set by Joachim Garraud’s bionic crew : Julien Stackler, Ridwello, Corvad, Laidback Luke, Vitalic

Discover the teaser of the event Zemixx600

Key infomations

Location : Spaceship

Date : April 29th 2017

Guests : 300

Theme : Retrofuturistic

Client : WATO x Joachim Garraud

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