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WATO x Joachim Garraud: A retro-futuristic trailer for Zemixx600 party

To explain the concept of the Zemixx600 event, French artist Joachim Garraud asked WATO to write and organize a retrofuturistic space-themed photo and video shoot for social media and the press.

The film featured :

  • A radar operator spotting a UFO on its control panel
  • A briefing of the pilots by the great Professor Chang
  • Tactical progression in pressure suits along a lunar landscape
  • Joachim Garrraud’s legendary keytar turned into an assault rifle
  • 36K views on social networks

Key infomations

Location : Space dome

Date : March 30th 2017

Guests :

Theme : Retrofuturistic

Client : WATO x Joachim Garraud

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