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Raymond James : A Night on Wall Street

Raymond James : A Night on Wall Street


Prestigious mansion


November 16th 2017




Wall Street & 20's


Raymond James

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of its establishment in Paris, the firm Raymond James asked WATO to organize a spectacular party along the theme ‘A Night on Wall Street’.

The event featured :

  • An immersive invitation in the shape of a personalized treasury bond
  • Valet parking & reserved parking spaces
  • The makeover of one of the most beautiful 19th-century palaces in Paris
  • An immersive theatrical path
  • 1,000 $ handed out by two frenzied bankers
  • ’20s-themed goodies handed out by two Italian fashion designers
  • A customized photo backdrop along the event theme
  • A cabaret hosted by an energetic ringmaster
  • Burlesque performances by 3 world-famous dancers
  • A concert by a French-American swing orchestra of 5 players
  • A surprise performance by an opera duet
  • Folding camera with immediate printing
  • 3 trading room settings with a giant American flag, stock tables and vintage phones
  • Performances by swing dancers
  • An electro-swing DJ set by Bart & Barker
  • A confetti shower
  • An ice sculpture featuring the Raymond James logo

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