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WATO : Shooting a Venetian Ball trailer in an underground canal of Paris

In 2014, for a very special Venetian ball, WATO produced a trailer in an underground canal of Paris.

The project was called Venice under Paris and started with a first part of shooting in Venice.

Along this video we discover :

  • A couple wearing 18th century venetian costumes, traveling from Venice to Paris through a mysterious canal.
  • Along their journey on a true venetian gondola, they discover the fantastic voûte Richard Lenoir filled with candles.
  • While they progress in the canal, the couple discovers immersive scenes like a live quatuor and duo opéra.
  • Suddenly a colorful venetian ball appears on the water like a floating mirage.
  • The gondola stops among the floating palazzo and the lovers join the party.
  • Dancing from the arm of a masked character to another they get lost in the venetian dream.
  • The sound of the Campanile’s bells ends the video, our travellers have reach Venice under Paris.

WATO thanks all the 30 accomplices of this epic shooting without who the dream would not by easy to catch.

Have a look to the Venice under Paris party with 3000 dressed up guests coming from the entire globe.

And if you wish to discover more immersive videos from WATO :

Key infomations

Location : In a mysterious canal of Paris

Date : December 13th 2014

Guests : 20

Theme : Secret Venetian Ball

Client : WATO

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