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Canal + : Kaboul Kitchen Pool Party

Canal + : Kaboul Kitchen Pool Party


American loft in Paris


February 16th 2017




Kaboul Kitchen


Canal +

To celebrate the upcoming release of French TV series Kaboul Kitchen season 3, Canal+ asked WATO to organize an immersive event along the theme of the series.

The event featured:

  • A preview screening of the first 3 episodes
  • A surprise performance by actors in taliban costumes in the movie theater
  • 100,000 fake dollar bills with Colonel Amanullah’s face on them (a character in the show) handed out to guests
  • An immersive theatrical path up to the event venue featuring the awarding of forged Afghan documents in a shabby van
  • A venue turned into a proper Arabian camp with tents, carpets, incense and Arabian props
  • An encounter with a shepherd and his goat and three chickens
  • A crossing of the fictitious border supervised by 2 corrupt customs officers
  • A photo backdrop in the colonel’s office
  • An encounter with an utopian politician
  • The exploration of an opium lab and encounter with a mad scientist
  • A pretend audition with a Dude-like character
  • A traditional Afghan music show
  • A live concert by Faysal Azizi aka Habib in the series
  • A DJ set by Sporto Kantes
  • A taste of local food
  • A dancefloor all night long

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