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Scaleway : an immersive space-themed IT trade show

Scaleway : an immersive space-themed IT trade show


Un lieu industriel secret


June 13th 2019




Space conquest



To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Scaleway (from group Iliad) asked WATO to organize an immersive IT trade show with keynote addresses and a magnificent closing party for 800 guests.

In just two months, WATOxScaleway took up the challenge, the biggest stake being turning an empty 4,000m2 shed into the mecca of tech for a day.

The event included:

  • A trade show including 40 partner booths and a Scaleway booth; conferences with silent disco headphones
  • 2 keynote addresses to introduce their new products
  • A staged moment to stop the keynote and kick off the evening event
  • Scaleway suits for all guests
  • A custom-made rocket built by an artist
  • Paintball on life-size aliens
  • A geodesic dome in which tumblers had laser sabre fights
  • Custom-made stage design
  • A promenade performance
  • Light painting
  • Bodypainting
  • A hot dancefloor

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