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WATO 5th anniversary : The Last Monastery

WATO 5th anniversary : The Last Monastery


Astonishing cathedral


December 16th 2016




The name of the rose


Public event

To duly celebrate its five-year anniversary, WATO organized a costume party for 500 people in a magnificent church in the heart of Paris.

The event featured:

  • Visuals and communication tools
  • Guests dressed as clergy
  • An immersive theatrical path with 10 sceneries (heaven, hell, monastic prayer, Christian karaoke…)
  • A passionate speech by Pope John Paul III
  • A live gospel concert ‘Oh Happy Day’
  • A procession turning into a hip-hop performance
  • An electro dancefloor in the center of the nave
  • A photobooth & a black wall

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