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Mission Nuxe : A James Bond theme seminar in Cannes

Mission Nuxe : A James Bond theme seminar in Cannes




September 26th 2013




James Bond



On the occasion of Sales Kick Off, Nuxe cosmetics company relied on WATO to organize a James Bond theme immersive seminar in Cannes in September 2013.

Becoming spies for one day, the Nuxe team experienced a true adventure in some of the most powerful decors of Cannes.

The event featured :

  • Fake kick off meeting in a luxurious hotel of Cannes by the sea.
  • Speech of an actor playing the bright new professor hired to “make a revolution” in the Nuxe products formulas.
  • Theatrical happening with the abduction of the professor in the middle of his speech by 3 gangsters with hoods.
  • Video message from the Evil Caudalo Professor, detailing the ransom to free the professor before dusk.
  • Crossing the bay of Cannes by boat towards a gorgeous island near by.
  • Treasure hunt with sport activities and enigmas in a 19th century fort.
  • Glamorous party in the bad guys safe house : a spectacular villa in the heights of Cannes with a pool and a great view.
  • Champagne, fancy cocktail and casino animations in a James Bond style atmosphere.
  • Theatrical execution of the evil Professor Caudalo, mastermind of the kidnapping.
  • Burning dance floor until dawn and even a dive of the boss in the beautiful pool of the villa.

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