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A spectacular dinner in a Parisian palace: ‘Les diners Volants’

On the occasion of illustrator Kanako’s exhibition ‘Les Parisiens’, the Paris City Hall and My Little Paris asked WATO to help them organize a project entitled ‘Les Dîners Volants’.

The concept:

An online lottery open to all Parisians with a chance of winning a spot for 4 exceptional dinner parties in some of the most iconic places in Paris.

Altogether, close to 40,000 Parisians tried their luck; only 24 were able to get in.

This dinner party featured:

  • A private guided tour introducing guests to the history of the venue followed by an exceptional dinner
  • An exploration of the Salons, where guests were asked to hold hands and close their eyes
  • Guided by Anne-Flore Brunet (from My Little Paris), guests entered the dining room to the sound of Bach’s Solo played by cellist Mélanie Badal
  • An exceptional dinner orchestrated by chef Matthieu Housse

Check out the other Diners Volants : in a swimming pool, in a Castle dungeon, in a Parisian museum

Key infomations

Location : Parisian palace

Date : August 21st 2013

Guests : 6

Theme : Urban exploration

Client : My Little Paris

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