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Western: Immersive seminar in a Spanish desert


Operation Jamanta: immersive seminar in Portugal

PLG: Gala Dinner at Potocki Palace in Paris

Masquerade ball and sumptuous dinner at the Petit Palais

WAVE : Circus Surprise

Malta : EP 6 – Imperial reception at the Saluting Battery

Medieval wedding in the castle of Chavroches

Exceptional dinner in the catacombs of Paris

Taléo Consulting: an immersive seminar in Marrakesh

Mount Vernon : Gala dinner in a prestigious factory

Mount Vernon: Exceptional Dinner Party in the Cour d’honneur of a Parisian Palace

US-themed immersive cruise and dinner party

A spectacular Blue Lotus theme dinner in a pagoda

leboncoin: Private dinner party in a hôtel particulier in Paris

Red Bull immersive dinner party

Leboncoin: Immersive dinner tour in 8 French cities

Leboncoin : Dinner in the Paris Catacombs

Fencing Dinner Party

Leboncoin: exceptional dinner on a circus track

Human n’ Partners 10th anniversary : Dolce Vità

Private Dinner : The Wild Ball

Leboncoin : dinner in a mad artist’s loft

leboncoin : Dinner on Ice

Leboncoin: Open-air dinner in Paris

leboncoin : Dinner in the Catacombs

Messy Nessy Chic : picnic in a German bunker

Private dinner : The Mad Birthday

MerciAlfred : #SaveTheDej in a Parisian church

MerciAlfred : #SaveTheDej in the Parisian catacombs

A spectacular summer dinner for LUI magazine

An unusual dinner: The Underwater Party III

The Canopy Castel: An exceptional dinner in a Castle in Bordeaux

A spectacular dinner in a Parisian dungeon: ‘Les diners Volants’

A spectacular dinner in a Parisian museum: ‘Les diners Volants’

A spectacular dinner in a Parisian palace: ‘Les diners Volants’

A spectacular dinner in a Parisian pool: ‘Les diners Volants’

A clandestine dinner in an abandoned train station of Paris

WATO : A fancy dinner in an abandoned school of Paris

WATO : A glamorous dinner in a clandestine art gallery of Paris

A fancy dinner in the forbidden Catacombs of Paris

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