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An immersive seminar in Saint Petersburg : Operation Kalinka

To celebrate its solid annual results, a private company asked WATO to organise a one-of-a-kind spy-themed immersive seminar to discover Saint Petersburg. Code name: Operation Kalinka!

  • A hasty venue scouting beforehand
  • Teasing, including writing a scenario involving a puppet oligarch
  • Welcome dinner party in one of the city’s most immersive restaurants
  • Ride through the city at sunrise in mythical Soviet Ladas
  • Spectacular take-off aboard a former Red Army helicopter towards a secret military base
  • Military-themed team-building activity including a training session, tank driving, Kalashnikov shooting and knife throwing
  • Treasure hunt around the most iconic places of Saint Petersburg – mixing culture and entertainment
  • Initiation to Russian banyas, with steam baths, ice-cold baths and vigorous massages
  • Ride on a mythical vintage USSR bus to the sound of famous Russian songs
  • Customised dinner party in a privately booked palace with a folkloric music and dance show similar to Kozachok
  • Bar crawl in the city’s liveliest neighbourhoods

Key infomations

Location : Saint Petersburg, Russia

Date : December 13th 2019

Guests : 20

Theme : Golden Eye - James Bond in Russia

Client : Confidential

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